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A continuing upward trend...πŸ‘β†—οΈβœ”οΈπŸ‘Œ


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@davidoclubb @jaz the idea of an independent Wales is something I would had scoffed at, and thought highly undesirable only a couple of years ago. Now I think it may be a slim hope of refuge, if only I'd be let back in!

By coincidence my partner is currently learning Welsh, and Wales lives deep in my heart, but despite my ancestry and looking term association, I'd be regarded as an unwanted immigrant which doesn't appeal in increasingly tribal times.

@markhughes @jaz Many people are campaigning for an to be open, inclusive and welcoming. See @undodcymru on the birdsite for one, I think @indytanc might be another

@davidoclubb @jaz Thanks David, I'm sure the majority would aspire to this. I hear the same from friends in Scotland as they invite me there when I share my misgivings.

Of course my fear might not be realised, but we can see that even if the majority subscribe to those ideals, it only takes a few to sow discord, raise fears, and carry out violent or abusive acts against minorities. And those few are susceptible to manipulation (cf. Brexit).

@davidoclubb @jaz very good piece David, accurate and sensible. I've been following, advocating and helping mitigate in these areas for a while, but increasingly feel pessimistic as we're losing fast on so many fronts. I'm still regularly shocked at what the privacy researchers I follow discover. is exceptionally good.

I still put many hours a week into Safe though, it has a lot of potential and will make all the mitigations you advocate easier to realise.

@davidoclubb slow and steady wins the race. Really happy to see continued use and new membership πŸ‘

@davidoclubb @jaz
To what reasons would you attribute this growth? Is it compelling content, or discontent with the commercial alternatives?

@mastodonr @jaz it takes several committed individuals to treat this as their main social media network. Then just patience and more patience, plus advocacy in the 'real' world to gradually build engagement with new people.

Activity increases if user numbers remain constant because those users forge new relationships with users from the same or different instances.

The big jumps come with additional users who stick around. You only need a few for activity to rise significantly.....

@mastodonr @jaz at the moment the curve is a reasonable fit for third order polynomial which suggests large growth to come, but it'll be interesting following the true story!

@mastodonr @jaz would be very interested to compare with statistics from other instances but I'm not sure if anyone else is tracking them

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