That's it. Deleted my data from my personal phone and uninstalled the app

I'm available on and . Also on WhatsApp on my work number until I can persuade a colleague why we shouldn't be using it...

What took you so long? 😉

My employer mostly uses Skype, which, from a usability viewpoint, is quite good (proprietary, of course).

IT services is trying to move everyone to Microsoft Teams, which I just hate. It is horrible, horrible, horrible.

In my personal life I can't be bothered with any of them. It is 'phone calls, SMS or nothing.

Hmmm, looks good. However, my company IT department follow the "nobody gets fired for buying IBM" approach, except it is Microsoft.


@KitKat @fitheach let's not very ahead of ourselves 🙄 my aspirations for others are about 15 years ahead of my persuasive ability 😂

@davidoclubb I think you need to delete your account too, if you agreed to the new t&c

Well done, I'm on the verge of doing so also.
Did you get the 'ultimatum' from Whatsapp though? I certainly didn't, not yet anyway, nor did I get asked to opt in or out of data sharing in 2016 so am wondering why? Is this happening I the U.S. first perhaps?

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