Are there good brands for computer mice?

Ethically produced would be top notch. Linux compatible is a must.

Mouse wants: wired and around 5 buttons would be grand, so I can go back and forwards in browser.

Retoots appreciated.


@athairbirb My go-to (without knowing anything about the ethical nature of production) is the Anker ergonomic. Revolutionary. I would never go back to a 'flat' mouse again. (they have wired and wifi versions, I use wifi)

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@davidoclubb @athairbirb
Do you need to do anything special to get that wifi version working on linux? I still have a HP wifi mouse laying around here somewhere that I never even got working on Windows. Maybe it's time I gave it another try on Linux?

@davidoclubb @athairbirb

Nevermind, I tried reviving this mouse a while back. Found this post:

And this doesn't seem to work any more and go _way_ above my skill level anyway πŸ˜…

I'm going to declare the mouse dead, for the third time :)

@athairbirb @davidoclubb I've been using the exact same model mouse both at work and at home (including for playing first-person shooters) for four years now and indeed once you get used to it it's pretty comfy. I initially switched because I was starting to experience carpal tunnel pains, and it has not happened again since so yeah it's really ergonomic.

I can confirm it works out of the box in both Windows and Linux

@jkb thank you, a fellow fedizen(?) has one that could be winging its way to me =) certainly worth a try!


Got that one, too. Works without any hassle on Manjaro. Love it. Except you are gonna haul it off the desk for the first two to four weeks while reaching out for it. 😁

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