Are there good brands for computer mice?

Ethically produced would be top notch. Linux compatible is a must.

Mouse wants: wired and around 5 buttons would be grand, so I can go back and forwards in browser.

Retoots appreciated.

@athairbirb My go-to (without knowing anything about the ethical nature of production) is the Anker ergonomic. Revolutionary. I would never go back to a 'flat' mouse again. (they have wired and wifi versions, I use wifi)

@davidoclubb @athairbirb
Do you need to do anything special to get that wifi version working on linux? I still have a HP wifi mouse laying around here somewhere that I never even got working on Windows. Maybe it's time I gave it another try on Linux?

@davidoclubb @athairbirb

Nevermind, I tried reviving this mouse a while back. Found this post:

And this doesn't seem to work any more and go _way_ above my skill level anyway 😅

I'm going to declare the mouse dead, for the third time :)

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