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What are the most interesting and useful self hosted stacks you have for small business or charities?

Here is my starter for 10:

1. Wordpress site
2. Zulip instant messenger
3. Bookstack information repository
4. Discourse forum

I'm aware of the resources but too many to try out one at a time!

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I like @yunohost and the featured Apps they contribute.

This allows for an out-of-box experience and consistent UI even for non-/medium-techies. :D

@davidoclubb for me it's:

- Nextcloud
- XMPP (ejabberd, prosody) with Conversations or Converse
- Webmail (e.g. Roundcube)
- Calendar, Contacts (CalDAV, CardDAV) probably with Nextcloud

BTW: Do you know grav CMS? I like it more than WP

Nextcloud deserves a spot in the top 10. With the right addon you can even edit documents in your browser together with others, just like you'd do with office365

@davidoclubb imho very cool solutions for collaboration are:
- HedgeDoc
- NextCloud
- Vikunja
- Collabora Office (in NextCloud)
- Gitea (if it is dev team)

@davidoclubb actually my friend is self hosting it on his Mini PC.
But i had this installed on my raspberry Pi 3B+ with Yunohost.
Installing #vikunja on Yunohost is really easy.

@davidoclubb I use vikunja with my friends only for kanban but it also features one-line tasks ;-)

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