Please join the 5,944 others and sign this petition to establish a common body of history to be taught in

Astonishing that this is even required. What Government in the world would leave up to individual teachers the history of its nation?

Maybe only one...

The has published the latest greenhouse gas inventory.

Here's a link to the summary and trends document

UK the biggest reduction since 1990. This is probably the last time we'll be included in the data - I'm guessing - because we are no longer a member of the European Environment Agency (though other countries, such as Turkey, are. The irony!)

What's the latest in ? Find out from the brilliant .

"A government which already looks exhausted and incompetent, and acting solely in the interests of a small faction of fanatical nihilists, to drag us into even greater disaster is grotesque. Grotesque in every conceivable way: democratically, intellectually, economically, and morally."


(Also a mention of )

This elegant - and withering - critique of the project is superb.

It's well-written and readable, and written by a labour member.

Fascinating and highly relevant to at this turning point.

Interesting how different spelling of have been trending on the birdsite all evening. I grabbed this one but there were others earlier.

Maybe genuine mis-spelling.

Or maybe the bots are being put to work to dilute the hashtag impact ๐Ÿค”

The Institute of Welsh Affairs recently held a virtual session on 'Rethinking Wales' - what do we need to be thinking about in the long term?

It's now available on YouTube (not my choice!) at

Includes some very high-profile speakers such as Professor Laura McAllister.

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I have huge appreciation for what is doing to safeguard us during the outbreak.

But why make the data inaccessible, locked behind proprietary systems?

My letter to them

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