Just seen that , my 'go-to' cloud site (at least the one that I use when I can't find an app on ) now has an installer for !

Good news for people in the market for a . Costs less than £5/month.


Can't help but feel that Council's change to allow 'normal' traffic back to Castle Street was a big step backwards.

Now it looks as though something major is going to have to change. Very pleased to see the intervention by via gov.wales/written-statement-en

My son wrote his first book. It's big on pictures and small on text. It's called 'natural disasters'

This is one extract

Calling all users and developers, I have come across which looks great *but* appears to use google's amp protocol. wordpress.org/plugins/web-stor

Has anybody used them? By using do we force people down the amp route? Are there any good alternatives?

Responses gratefully received!

The authors - and graphic designers - of this 'powering healthy seas' report (rspb.org.uk/globalassets/downl) have done a stand-out job of communicating complicated issues in an elegant way 👏🤝

Well done RSPB, European Climate Foundation and the individual authors. I was pleased that RenewableUK were able to give their views in the process. Industry must be a responsible and innovative partner in tackling our nature emergency.

I created a account for Wales' National Infrastructure Commission. I'm guessing it's the first advisory body in Wales to have one!

Follow it at: @NICW

Race Council 's summer update has plenty of interest, including advanced notice of a full programme of Black History Wales (October, blackhistorywales.org.uk/whats), and nominations open for the Black History Wales Youth Awards.

You can view the newsletter at mailchi.mp/racecouncilcymru.or 🤝✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

A real pleasure this morning to chat to Mark Drakeford (yes, the First Minister one!) about active travel as I was taking the kids to school.

Yesterday at our first meeting of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales we heard about the amazing things Welsh Government is doing for in , and it was a delight to see Mark using an electric bike for the first time!

What a lovely guy too. Inspirational in an understated way, maybe for future First Ministers!

It's a real pleasure to welcome the new Deputy Chair, and six new Commissioners, to the National Infrastructure Commission for 🙌🤝✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

*Dr Jenifer Baxter, and

*Helen Armstrong
*Steve Brooks FRSA
*Aleena Khan
*Eluned Parrott
*Dr Eurgain Powell
*Nick Tune


I like people 🫂 👩‍💻 and Canapés 😋🧆 (not necessarily in that order). That's why I'll be attending the launch of OpenUK's new report at the on Thursday 7 July, sponsored by Sarah Murphy AS

You can join me and the doyens (never used that word before!) of data justice, open source and general hugginess 🤗 by registering at eventbrite.co.uk/e/openuk-stat (don't ask me why is using Eventbrite, it's not my fault!!)

The National Infrastructure Commission for will be tendering for renewable energy projects later this year 👀👇

We'll be using the Crown Commercial Service to manage the tendering process crowncommercialservice.bravoso

If you'd like to participate in this opportunity, please register your organisation for a Crown Commercial Service account. *It could take up to four weeks to complete your registration* so crack on!

I'm far from an expert in Tory party machinations, but I feel as though Martin Kettle is on the money here. This result doesn't make things easy for the party. I've lived through enough leadership contests to believe that this is close to the end game for the prime minister theguardian.com/commentisfree/

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