Next publication I'm planning; a stack that could work for a small charity or SME that doesn't take too much technical skill but provides multiple benefits. Based on my own experience. This would likely include:

* ( )

Anybody know of any existing publications/guides like this? Thanks

I like people 🫂 👩‍💻 and Canapés 😋🧆 (not necessarily in that order). That's why I'll be attending the launch of OpenUK's new report at the on Thursday 7 July, sponsored by Sarah Murphy AS

You can join me and the doyens (never used that word before!) of data justice, open source and general hugginess 🤗 by registering at (don't ask me why is using Eventbrite, it's not my fault!!)

Delighted to share my thoughts on why I'm so keen on with other members via their newsletter 🤝

Read my article on their blog at Will also be posting on my personal blog at

Posted on LinkedIn:

Nice to see plenty of people leaving Twitter and heading to the Mastodon social media site as a different (value-based) way to connect and interact 👏🥂🎉

In case you're interested, I have blogged about open source social media (including Mastodon) multiple times. Try these:

* August 2019
* April 2020
* April 2020
* July 2020
* September 2020

Love being able to use the slack alternative - - in , after having translated it (with some help from my brother!)

Using the platform for @caerdydd and National Infrastructure Commission for Wales now

A very unexpected and really nice touch from @bookwyrm 👏👏😍

It's this sort of thing that helps keep me engaged and excited by the platform!

Amazing progress for a small platform

(Yes, I'm translating to Welsh but probably after )

Done it! First pass at translating The Zulip Open Source Project to Welsh 🥳🍾

Whatever your skills or experience, the community can use them!

White paper on the value of open source to just started 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Hope to publish Spring 2022. Get in touch if you'd like to contribute.

Tŵt Cymru | Toot Wales

The independent social network for Wales, the Welsh, at home and abroad! | Y rhwydwaith cymdeithasol annibynnol i Gymru! Tŵt is the social media network that puts YOU in charge. No data mining, no silly ads. Your Wales, your voice, join today! Tŵt yw’r rhwydwaith gymdeithasol sy’n rhoi rheolaeth i TI. Dim cloddio data, dim hysbysebion twp. Dy Gymru, dy lais, ymuna heddiw!