@alexandria thanks for your thoughtful contribution. Unfortunately I'm heavily involved with childcare due to Covid quarantine so I can't give it the consideration it deserves. Hope to find time to think about and discuss with others as soon as the immediate priority is sorted


There were 1414 cases reported today - the highest so far, with RhCT regaining top position with a shocking 276 cases.
276: RhCT
170: Cardiff
127: Swansea
119: Caerffili

10: Gwynedd
4: Penfro
3: Ceredigion

47: Powys (what nutter wanted them exempt from lockdown? - yes, it was a tory)

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37 deaths, 1414 new cases in official days We're back to April figures here.
Weekend rebounds in death figures often happen on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday in my experience, but even so today's figure is shocking.
Who's still saying the lockdown is wrong? Get real.

In brief, gov #propaganda says: โ€œtariff-free sauce from Japan thanks to trade dealโ€. Critics respond: โ€œit already is tariff-free, thanks to #EU-Japan trade dealโ€


#Soy sauce brag backfires on #Britain's trade ministry

Britain's trade ministry was forced on Wednesday to clarify a claim that a trade deal with #Japan would result in lower prices on #tariff-free soy sauce after critics highlighted that a no-deal #Brexit could in fact drive consumer prices up.


@davidoclubb I hope this catches on. Let's boot the #ad industry out of our cities, out of our lives, out of our minds for good. The sooner the better.

The cases table:
203: Cardiff
189: RhCT
134: Swansea
85: Neath PT
62: Caerffili
60: Wrecsam
58: Bridgend

8: Penfro
7: Ceredigion

44: Carmarthenshire. That's high for the second day, suggesting yesterday's 72 was not a blip. That's quite a turnaround, as they (even with Llanelli's problems) had been doing not so badly until very recently.

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Panorama from Merthyr bus station. Shame the second attempt wasn't as good as this one!

If you live in the U.S., please consider joining me on the bone marrow donor list. Most donations only require a simple blood draw. If you work in New York, the state must give you time off for donations. Non white folks have a lower chance of finding a match so please consider signing up if you are also not white. You submit a simple check swab and that's it. Bethematch.com for more info.

@TheBeastOfBaglan I've had a reasonably good experience overall with functionality but it's just the resource load. For whatever reason, with a bunch of pinned tabs my computer grinds. same tabs, much quicker .

Such a shame, I really want to support and the values of an open web

Gair y Dydd: moron gwynion geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?m โ€“ Mae sawl enw am y llysiau hyn โ€“ beth fyddwch chi'n ddweud?

Word of the Day: moron gwynion 'parsnips' (literally 'white carrots'): geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?m โ€“ There are many names for these, search GPC for the English words 'parsnip' and 'parsnips'.

@markosaric I guess it's possible that it conflicts with their energy 'values' (i.e. to use as little as possible). Thanks for sharing this - I've read a few of the articles with interest!

What are the good Free Software blogs out there nowadays? I'm trying to keep my feed reeder populated with things worth reading.

Ideally, their feeds should be full articles, not just excerpts.

I need to confess something. I've given the dump and gone non-open-source. Firefox was getting sluggish and really hard to operate on my old laptop. Switched to (I know, it's chromium-based and not fully open sourced) and the difference is stark. Laptop not freezing any more. It's a totally different experience


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