Aethon ni am dro bore 'ma. Roedd y goedwig yn fendigedig ac oedd 'na lawer o ffyngau diddorol yn tyfu ym mhlith y coed. / We went for a walk this morning. The forest was wonderful and there were many interesting fungi growing among the trees.

The National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (Comisiwn Seilwaith Cenedlaethol Cymru) advises the Welsh government on what infrastructure the country needs. They now have a Fediverse account at:

➡️ @NICW (in English and Welsh)

You can also follow the commission's chair and long-time Fedi user @davidoclubb

The commission's website is at

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@anniemo71 where are you (roughly)? I can ask my group of open source people in Wales in case there's someone in the area to help

@Sbectol @anniemo71 a flash drive will work fine to try it out and see if it'll work, even if it's not very practical in the long term

@deutrino @rysiek you're very welcome! I'm going to move onto it once my current commercial VPN subscription is up 🤝👍

Just seen that , my 'go-to' cloud site (at least the one that I use when I can't find an app on ) now has an installer for !

Good news for people in the market for a . Costs less than £5/month.

Ukpol - Wales 

@ravi the current UK government has opened the door for many to question the benefits of the UK in its current form.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Gordon Brown and McAllister/Williams reports on the structure of the UK.

Oooh, just came across an article in the newspaper mentioning Jitsi, the FOSS video-conferencing service! 🥳

Original link:

(works in :firefox:​ reader mode)



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