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Are you using Google Analytics on your website?

Consider replacing it with a simpler, privacy-friendly solution. I helped work on the new version of the Plausible Insights app:

No cookies,
No personal data collected,

Take a look ๐Ÿ‘‡

LPT : forget about the bad news and work on a fun project like @PINE64 #pinetime.

Here's my latest achievement : time synchronization and BLE notification from a Linux computer to the Pinetime.

This is the beginning of a Linux companion app for the Pinetime, yay!

Gair y Dydd: trybeilig -- addas i ddisgriifio'r newidiadau anferth yn ein bywydau ar hyn o bryd?

Word of the Day: trybeilig 'terrible, awful; very large; very fast' -- an appropriate word to describe the huge changes to our lives at present?

Anyone who thinks these quarantines/lockdowns are somehow about "government control" is fooling themselves.

The government already controls us through a status quo which teaches us to undervalue ourselves with the aim of making us work meaningless, thankless jobs and spend money on things we don't need.

They don't want us locked down. The more time we're at home, the less we're lining their pockets with needless purchases.

Plasma's wide variety of settings, add-ons and apps are on display in "This is Plasma", Jakub Profota's finalist entry in the #Promo2020 Video Contest.

Is your #youtubeDOWN? Try using an alternative that respects your rights: #Peertube, the decentralized free software alternative to videos platforms developed by @Framasoft:

Thank you #NHS workers, hang In there โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

shoutouts to the bloke on my street enthusiastically twatting a saucepan during the 8 o clock clap

Thank you to everyone in the UK who clapped in appreciation for NHS workers, my mum says it's lovely to know that people are thankful for her and for other key workers.

Today's death figures look good - from the point of view of a statistician.
UK first started to deviate from the Italy curve (Italy+14) 4 days ago. Now it is looking like a genuine thing, rather than random noise.
These are significantly lower than would have been expected from an exponential curve. Why? We can only speculate at the moment. However:
Average time from infection to death ~18 days (reference lost, sorry)
What were you doing 18 days ago? Most likely taking significant care. 1/2

This person has a point.

"I reduced global emissions by an estimated 59000 kg CO2 per month by removing a 20 kB JavaScript dependency in Mailchimp for WordPress."

#CO2 #greenhousegas

When cities demand granular location data on individual trips, they are no longer smart citiesโ€”they are surveillance cities. We need โ€˜smart enough citiesโ€™ that harness the power of data and technology in ways that respect everyoneโ€™s privacy interests.

In my socially-distanced boredom, I found an unofficial website that has all of the grammar lessons (the ones that don't show up on the app), the link takes you to the 118 "skills with tips and notes"

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