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I could see myself turning my back on #Instagram once the official #Pixelfed app is available .

✅ Photos
🚫 Reels

We remain committed to photo sharing and will not emulate Instagrams new TikTok like feed.

While we will continue to support video posts, we won't treat them different than other posts in your feed.


Building our own app has really opened up a lot of exciting ideas and opportunities!

✨ Username change support
✨ Post edits (media + caption)
✨ Community alt-text captions (crowdsource missing alt text)
✨ Community moderation
✨ Comment control
✨ Camera Roll
✨ Content API
✨ Global Discover API

We look forward to sharing more details soon 😎 #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

Dyma gymysgedd 1-awr o gerddoriaeth electroneg. Ysbrydolwyd gan brofiad y Dreamachine.

"Dychmygwch realiti gwahanol."

Reminder that Mozilla Common Voice exists:

They can use some more speech samples! Esp female voices.

#Mozilla #commonvoice

idk who cares on here, but I'm swapping opt-out crossposting to opt-in, which is I think how it should work: transitional time to learn a new medium and gain new community, which I have. what up fedi. ❤️

Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated! #pixelfedApp

✨ Cleaner, leaner and more compact!

Comments are now complete in our app and we can move on to the few remaining tasks!

Special thanks to our team member @trwnh for redesigning this crucial component, they are also working on some pretty exciting features and we can't wait to share more details! #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

Our #makerspace is getting ready to give workshops. The "clean room" can be used for #arduino and #raspberrypi, presentations or just hanging out. Soon there will be #3dprinting in here, too.

They always knew

@On BBC iplayer

Big Oil v the World , Series 1: 3. Delay: via @bbciplayer

anyway, the guy has a pretty cool website on the "European long distance path 8" he's hiking on, going from western Ireland all the way over to Istanbul. Check it out if you like

To anyone who says "it's just summer"... here's NASA's climate spiral👇

We're monitoring our transport emissions 🏃🏃‍♂️💃🏊🏄🚉 so we thought we'd share our spreadsheet with the world

If you work for a small organisation (we are four), this might be useful for you. And you will probably be able to improve on our initial attempt... 🙇🙏❤️ (if so please share your brilliance!)

To everyone that wants android on the pinephone: just use an android phone

[Internship opportunity 👀]

Are you a design student & you want to develop your skills in print design, branding &digital illustration?

Apply to join our Products Team & work on projects with multiple partners worldwide.

Deadline: August 1st ⬇️

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