I have a Steam deck, after ordering in April it finally arrived. So far, very impressive. It reminds me of the Wii U game pad, but it’s far more open and flexible (also, Steam sales).

I’ll have to try out desktop mode soon, maybe install Tux Cart. 🤣

@gavin57 I brought mine on holiday, worked very well offline on the plane. Fantastic device so far, very impressive and lots of fun. When I get home I'm going to look into a dock.

@jaz Yes, I've wishlisted the Valve dock, but it's not available for sale yet. I do have a generic USB-C dock that I use with my laptop which should work in the meantime.

@gavin57 it’s good and proton is damn impressive at times

@rgb Definitely, mostly seamless too. Now it's time to work through the backlog! 😂

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