Oh well! The free version of #Fedilab has been removed by Google.

I know people started to report it. But... Why the reason is for "payments policy violation"? I appealed for that but I will not re-upload anything for this version.

Don't forget to get it with #Fdroid: f-droid.org/en/packages/fr.gou

or the version built from sources. Follow @mastalab for links to apk.

Strangely, the paid version is not *currently* affected.

Of course, I didn't get a reply yet. But, the free app always had links to donation platforms for months.
I suspect a strange move to keep only one app (the paid one) after reports. Though, I don't update the free version, it was a good way to know what Fedilab is and then go to Fdroid or to the paid version.
But if it's only about payments policy violation, I think it will be harder to shutdown the paid version that does respect everything on that point.

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@fedilab So I have the paid version from the Play Store. Should I delete it and switch to the fdroid version? I don't mind paying for it again there.

@gomez No, strangely Google doesn't shut down the paid version.

@fedilab yeah I get that, but it's it better for either or both of us to switch to fdroid long term? I'm happy to stay with what I have but I'm just checking if there's any advantage one way or the other.

@gomez Fdroid is a guarantee for safe apps, because they build from sources and everyone can check.
For fedilab, as far as the paid version is not shut down, no need to move :) (Fdroid & Google are the same). You paid for it, and I won't stop to publish releases. I know that I am under pressure but I won't give up. I am only building tools for everyone.

@fedilab Dude you are doing a great job and it's a great app.

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