Called into Brecon today on the way back from getting some venison for Thanksgiving. As my old man would have said, 'now there's a town dying on its arse.'

So many shops already closed or closing down. Sign in the little independent electrical store - 'Sorry but due to the rising rents we've had to call it a day.'

The only store with a line outside, all the time we were there, was Greggs.

@anniemo71 I know! I nearly bought a shop there about 15 years ago until I saw the rent and the rent review policy. It was crazy money even back then. A year or so later the shop moved from the main street, to a side street which was a bad move as Brecon is so about that one strip, within 2 years they'd shut down. Walking through there yesterday I knew I'd made the right choice. The landlords and the council's need to work together to reinvigorate these towns.

They certainly do need to think this through. I have seen so many businesses fail over many years. Not because their stock is poor, sometimes it's amazing but the rents are too high anyway. It's very sad, they need constructive and 'do-able' help now.

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