Coffee Rum Soaked Sultana Walnut and Chocolate Banana Loaf.

Delicious if I say so myself.

@gomez it looks good. I'll pretend there is no banana in it.

@Ebrill if it's any consolation it doesn't taste very bananary! They make it moist rather than making it taste like a banana milk shake.

@gomez yeah but since it's not a taste I like it's a taste that stands out to me. I can almost always tell when something has banana in it.

@Ebrill yeah I get that. I have the same reaction to anything with aniseed.

@gomez my mom loves the liquorice flavor. She is the only one on my house who liked the black jelly beans so they were all hers.

@Ebrill lol, my dad used to come home with sweets (candies?) called Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts. I used to deconstruct them, eat the sweet bits and leave the liquorice part for him.

He used to go mad, saying was like licking the chocolate of the Chocolate Brazils and leaving the nuts behind.

'But dad I didn't lick them. I took them apart with my fingers!'

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