Honest to god Wales online, this is what you consider worth publishing in a local newspaper? 'Myth' No 6, We are all related to Tom Jones. 'Myth' No 9, No one goes to university.
I despair!

Someone sent me this GDP comparison from @JackHenryUK on Twitter. I've never considered GDP to be a good measure but thoughts anyone?

After a lot of swearing it's finally finished. So without further ado I present Mrs G's latest creation, before and after blocking.

As a few people were appreciative of Mrs Gomez's last knitting project I thought I'd share the one she finished today. Pattern by Knitlab.

Mrs G taught herself to knit a few years back as therapy after an accident damaged her hand and wrist. She hasn't knitted for a while but, since I've been digging virtual holes in virtual rock on lockdown, she's got her mojo back. I just helped her to 'block' this.

If you are near on the 11th March the is having a pop up night at Kemi's in Pontcanna. Come support a great cause. Hope to see you there.

Supper Club #15 Honduran
Dessert - Torrejas (Honduran caramelised bread pudding, fresh fruit, cream)

Supper Club #15 Honduran
Main - Costillas De Res (Beef ribs, green plantain, chimichuri, cream cheese, refried beans.

Supper Club #15 Honduran
Starter - Baleada (Flour tortilla, refried beans, sour cream, cheese)

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