Is there a live feed for the First Ministers press conference in ? I hate that the BBC cuts it short to play a stupid promo and then cuts to the lunchtime news.

For a moment I toyed with buying a precision brass sundial I saw on the internet, then I remembered where I live.

As I've mentioned before my wife heads up a project working to create sustainable livelihoods, through food, in Cameroon.
We work with Cardiff Met & the Cameroonian Ministry of SME's. The project is part financed by the Welsh Gov.
We are all about knowledge transfer - as Welsh food business can learn a lot from their Cameroonian counterparts and vice versa.
We have a free event on Jan 22 in Cardiff if anyone is interested.

Please share.

It's the last Thursday of the month and in that means it's Supper Club at the Tonight we are off to Russia! But first I'm on a train heading to Cardiff to meet up with Mrs Gomez. Brace yourselves for the food pics later.

Been thinking of doing it for a while but finally subscribed to the Institute of Welsh Affairs.

The main platform at Pontypridd was the world’s longest island platform (a station platform surrounded by tracks) when it opened in 1907.

All set up and rareing to go at the @sharecardiff Community Connections Event at Techniquest. Come and say hello.

N'famady will be playing at Roath Farmers Market tomorrow if you are in

Interesting statement. The biggest gains that overseas territory's give us is not mineral resources it's biodiversity!

An idea to disband the House of Lords and replace it with a second Senedd to represent the region's of the UK.

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