Supper Club #15 Honduran
Dessert - Torrejas (Honduran caramelised bread pudding, fresh fruit, cream)

Supper Club #15 Honduran
Main - Costillas De Res (Beef ribs, green plantain, chimichuri, cream cheese, refried beans.

Supper Club #15 Honduran
Starter - Baleada (Flour tortilla, refried beans, sour cream, cheese)

Yes it's the last Thursday of the month! So it's Supper Club #15 at the Oasis Refugee Centre. Tonight we are going to Honduras, which is a first for me. Menu below.

Main - Tehcheen Ghalebi - Baked saffron rice, tender chicken, tangy barberries, pistachios.

It's the last Thursday of January and Supper Club has started back up at the Oasis Refugee Centre. Tonight we are off to Iran. Here's tonight's menu.

Been cooking up a storm today. 1st up is lunch - roasted aubergine with honey and miso and a side of couscous.

Lumberjack breakfast at the Tibbett Diner. There's a bed of sliced ham under that lot too!

As I've mentioned before my wife heads up a project working to create sustainable livelihoods, through food, in Cameroon.
We work with Cardiff Met & the Cameroonian Ministry of SME's. The project is part financed by the Welsh Gov.
We are all about knowledge transfer - as Welsh food business can learn a lot from their Cameroonian counterparts and vice versa.
We have a free event on Jan 22 in Cardiff if anyone is interested.

Please share.

The William Allen - Fried Chicken & Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs Combo, Sweetcorn and Mashed Potato at Amy Ruth's.

Korean Tacos, Bulgogi Beef, Roasted Squash, Prawns in Oyster Squash.

Cherry Varenya Tea & Chocolate Salami - Black tea sweetened with a sour cherry compote, served with slices of rolled chocolate, studded with biscuits and roasted walnuts. Photo before and after pouring tea.

Stroganoff - Tender strips of beef coated in an uptious paprika cream sauce, served on a bed of pillowy mashed potato.

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