I'm a freelance copywriter/editor.

I'm interested in , issues, , , and .

I moved back to Cardiff recently after spending most of my adult life in England and I'm trying to make new friends/connections here.

Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg a bydda i'n sefyll yr arholiad Canolradd ym mis Mehefin.

Recommendations about people to follow on here and real-life meet-ups for Welsh learners will be gratefully received!

@griffinkate Annwyl Kate. We are always looking for good columnists for our eMagazine The Eye. If interested please contact Phil at to say what you'd like to write about. 🐱

@griffinkate I'm sure there will be plenty of learner meet ups in Caerdydd.... a fair few in PT so will be loads down there! :)

@TheBeastOfBaglan Yeah, I'm just trying to work out where they are and which ones I can get to!

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