Ah no I've found a blue deck I like now I hate myself 😅

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Might have taken me most the day to get my head around and but finally got set up!❤️

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ukpol cronyism 

#Conservative ministers must be pleased that their millionaire mates can still be awarded secret contracts for hundreds of millions of pounds with no oversight during this national disaster:

"#Tory donor Lord Ashcroft’s outsourcing firm lands £350m vaccination contract | openDemocracy"

#ukpol #cronycapitalism #corruption

Finally ordered myself a Raspberry Pi to play around with.

I want to document my experience/set up even if it's just for myself.

Where is a good place to do that now a days?

I know Mastodon has been going for a while but feel like an internet hipster jumping from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Hey 👋

Just saying hello to all the lovely beings here, my name is Hronk!

Just moving over to to get a more local perspective :baner:

I work in IT, live in Wales and enjoy card, board and video games.

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