Ah no I've found a blue deck I like now I hate myself 😅

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@davidoclubb I followed some tutorials from a channel called DB Tech on YouTube really well done and got all the code snippets on GitHub so you can follow along, highly recommend.

Might have taken me most the day to get my head around and but finally got set up!❤️

@nuala I went to university in Sunderland and used to walk down here all the time to clear my head. Both nostalgic and creepy to see it like this.

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ukpol cronyism 

#Conservative ministers must be pleased that their millionaire mates can still be awarded secret contracts for hundreds of millions of pounds with no oversight during this national disaster:

"#Tory donor Lord Ashcroft’s outsourcing firm lands £350m vaccination contract | openDemocracy"

#ukpol #cronycapitalism #corruption

@gomez @jaz I agree here. I think while followers and following is a bit of a mouthful it's more familiar to those coming from other services. My network does not really tell me what defines it. Everything else is a good change and is much more clear 👍

@onan @nextcloud I think this might be the way, one of the things I wanted to set up was Nextcloud 👍

Finally ordered myself a Raspberry Pi to play around with.

I want to document my experience/set up even if it's just for myself.

Where is a good place to do that now a days?

@JapanAnon Will certainly check it out, Blade Runner is one of my favourites so even more interested now!

@ianbetteridge Copied from the reddit thread linked in the article but exactly right: What these people seem to get wrong about it, is that they believe businesses have to let them do whatever they want because of their disability, without a mask. Obviously, this isn't true. Any business provides reasonable accommodation for those with disabilities. They provide curbside pick-up for groceries or, there's tons of delivery services these places now use, so you don't even have to leave your house.

@davidoclubb exactly, feels like going back to a better time on the internet this is the most "social" I've felt on social media in years.

@jaz Thanks! There is enough similarities to other platforms that I'm sure I will be ok. 😁

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