Years, and possibly a decades-long culture war beckons as a result of the chaos, according to professor chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.c

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Even Holyhead gets a fleeting mention!

The last Welsh king, Llewellyn the Great, ruled Gwynedd in north Wales and eventually ruled all of Wales. This was in about 1200. What's fascinating is that today, 800 years on, Welsh independence is still strongest in the same region. The second map shows a very similar correlation between support for Welsh independence and the old kingdom of Gwynedd.

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Iv read today that the British government is forcing Wales and Scotland to do as they say regarding the Brexit deal and will be taking this to court. What a joke what ever happened to freedom of expression, it would seem as they are going backwards to years far gone when they took control of the whole country with a iron fist.

Who would like to see independence in Wales. Producing there own power network, food to export, with a range of affordable housing and many other sectors....
Brexit and this whole covid lockdown has been crazy, the whole would is going into bankruptcy and has been since before Christmas.
The spending habits of government that have not benefited us but them has brought us to our knees and a collaps is coming.

Today's figures for deaths are: 15 reported in the last 24 hours, total now 624. We're at a "normal" day; no weekend carry-over effect (as we undoubtedly saw yesterday). So this is a promising result.

I've heard stories of people becoming more complacent; please, don't do that (see my article). If we go back to normal now, it would all kick off again. But know from these figures that if we all do our bit (and that includes UK and Welsh govt) we can defeat this.

Today's death figures may have caused some alarm. However, I don't think it is cause for dismay. As has been observed by a number of people (and denied by others - mostly not statisticians?), we have been following Italy's curve for some time.

Italy's highest daily deaths figure of 919 occurred on 27th March, i.e. 12 days ago. We're tracking at Italy+14. The data are noisy (they go up and down); we've had a constant decrease in the % increase of deaths per day, and this is crucial

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