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Someone is trying to build a #language learning app like #duolingo, but it's free software. Maybe you want to help out?: github.com/kantord/LibreLingo librelingo.app/ #librelingo

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#covid19 Guardian article 

This is both scary and endearing:

"A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future"

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@fribbledom #rust #rustlang

All my fellow #rustacean #rustaceans lets win this!

Please #retoot for maximum visibility in your rust bubble, so we can win this!

Well done, Wales. Now start preparing for the challenging opponents.

As a Wales fan, I'd obviously like the scoreboard to look different. But this game is as entertaining as they come. Wish every game was as fast paced and offensive as this one.

Well, Wales: who do you support today? England or New Zealand?

Goodness, what a 2nd half. I'm a nervous wreck!

So, a Play-Off game between & in Swansea?
That will be the real Judgement Day 2019 ?

In general, I prefer people's thoughts over generated or syndicated content. But as a Welsh learner, I'd probably follow learning resources like a "gair y dydd", "ymadrodd yr wythnos" or something alike.

Hm... I don't know. If that was all it took to make him sign, don't you think the Blues would have offered that? And do you really think the Ospreys make a guarantee like that?
I have the feeling there is a flow of money involved that the WRU won't see and/or control. It all smells funny...

What I don't understand is: if it was the WRU's banding system that prevented the Cardiff from paying Anscombe more, then neither can the , right?
So what did the Ospreys offer him that the Blues couldn't or wouldn't?

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