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Wow, just came home from a long roadtrip and Wales is in the lead. Ymlaen Cymru!

"The tedious narrative that the Ospreys are somehow facing an impending financial challenge is not only entirely false, but malicious propaganda by those for whom the demise of the Ospreys would be a twisted convenience"

The newest statement reminds me so much of this guy.

The German commentators on DAZN just called Alun Wyn Jones a "Master of the Dark Arts". Pretty cool title, I think.

I speculate that the disagreement is about the brand. They probably argue that they have been the most successful since the game went pro and are the only true "regional" franchise.
For a potential merge partner, that must sound like: "We fucked up financially, but built a great brand. So let's merge under our brand." Or in other words: "With your money we can continue the Ospreys success story."

All speculation, of course.

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Hm... now that the support the WRU's version of the story, it looks like the achieved their past successes by grossly overspending and are now even more broke than the other regions.
Now they want to "merge" but can't find a partner with whom they can agree on terms.

Goodness, seems almost as well thought through and as well managed as .

Dw i'n cefnogi'r pawb ranbarthau yng Nghymru, ond bu'n amser hir ers fy mod wedi gwir gofalu am gêm Dreigau.

So, the morning after . Coming up next: pointless discussions about further Welsh number 10 selection.

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