@Gargron purely anecdotal view, but the experience on joinmastodon is a bit blocking, one example: "I am an artist who speaks Welsh". I get one instance, and neither of them is .art or .wales. Maybe there should be two separate pathways; choose by topic OR choose by language, or make that logic OR not AND. Separately I think having to self-define (and there is no "nothing in particular") might be turning folks away. (I know you don't have to choose one, but many first time visitors might)

@jaz @Gargron i feel OR is a bit too broad if you have a specific thing in mind. But some kind of ranked search a bit more fuzzy then a straight AND would be great. What _is_ there, anyway?


@zladuric @Gargron there's a bunch of categories, intances can pick two on instances.social, then there's languages and afaik instances can pick as many as they want, and a few seem to have just picked all langs as "main" meaning they show up for a lot of AND searches.

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