This unimposing building allowed me to take out three at a time twice a week, until I finished the books in the children's section and they gave me five tickets that let me take out any book. I wouldn't be who I am without this service - please support your local .

I've been there (Llantwit Major, not the library specifically). I spent a happy, sunny afternoon looking for dinosaurs along the beach.

It should be a capital offence to have buildings with flat roofs.

Caves? Nope, missed them. We walked along miles of pebble beach, kicking over likely looking stones that might be fossils. Never actually found any. Enjoyed the day.

@fitheach Well if you're ever back down that way we have a lot of pirate stories involving the caves.

Ah, right. Now you've posted those photos I do remember walking past caves like that.

Dinosaurs and pirates, what a combination. 😃

Love these little city corporation libraries. Hope the Carnegie library fans don't unfollow me for saying this.

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