Apparently one of my books is in something called "the book depository" and they sell it for twice the price. I wonder if I get twice the royalties?

@jaz I'm going to address you as Rev from now on!

@jaz @gomez . As am I, first Pentecostal, now Anglican. Pastor for 7 years, now 2nd year as a Rev. Wanting to move to ministry in Cymru. Dw i'n isio byw yn Cymraeg!

If it's not an impertinent question why the switch?

@gomez @jaz - God's calling tbh. I developed a calling for rural Cymru and at the same time my urban pente ministry was burning me out. I took a break, visited a local parish church and felt restored, refreshed and got involved. As I discovered the Ang. Church has lots of churches in rural Cymru while exploring ang. ordained ministry. I'm doing my curacy in Chester diocese atm & looking for ministry in De Cymru next. What about you?

@paulpritchard @jaz Ah I'm so glad you found what you needed. I'm not an ordained anything. In fact my faith doesn't have an clergy. I was brought up Anglican, became disillusioned in my late teens and avoided organised religion but became a Baha'i in my late twenties after stumbling upon it. Still am but like to keep questioning myself,and it, just to make sure!

@gomez @jaz - I understand the disillusion. Organised (and often unorganised) religion is not what Jesus came to do. I am following Jesus and he's led me into the Anglican fold to be a minister of the Word, Spirit and Sacrament. I dislike religion, but love God and love people and am happy to be a minister of the gospel - good news. Heddwch yn Grist!

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