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with 10 days' rest and a team at full health means a strong side with only two changes from the team that beast Australia. Fiji, happy to chuck a spanner into the works with their inventive hands and fast backs. Will be some good today.

need a bonus point win to stay in the pool, Countdown is done, we are off and running at Oita stadium. Fiji open with some serious yards.

WALvFIJ Score 

Wales respond with fury and appear to score through Navidi but a clear knock-on from the TMP brings it back to just outside the Fiji 22, white to put in. Fiji with the possession so far.

This is going to be a spirited game. Fiji respond to the response and they too appear to score but another forward pass disallows.

TMO then heads to a foul play review agains the Sherriff of Carmarthen who accidentally tipped Mata.

Garces disagrees with me on the accidental part. Ken is off for 10. So far this is all Fiji.

Meanwhile I've seen two offences off the ball against AWJ, but no-one seems to mind. Right now I'm not seeing the famed Welsh defense. All seems a bit scrawly these first ten minutes.

WALvFIJ Score 

Dan Biggar calls an un-nneded mark which then allows Wales to wind down 30 seconds as the forwards have to jog it back. Dan finds touch and it's red scrum on the halfway. Fiji have had 80% possession in the first 15 minutes.

Fiji is all over the ground, Mata reads a pass and hammers Parkes who loses forward. We're back for a penalty but in the meantime TMO wants another word... this time it's a Fijian player shoulder charge in the cleanout.


It's another yellow, this time Cavubati for the clean-out.

Garces calls the captains, he is not happy having handed out two yellows in 16 minutes.

WALvFIJ Score 

Some fantastic play from both sides, lots of hands, lots of movement, ball everywhere. AWJ still seems to be being singled out for a smack whenever the opportunity presents. Wales on strong form in their attack now, and it's penalty scrum on the Fiji 22.

A quick twenty minute review of seventeen angles as Josh Adams attempts to score in the coner. No try. Back for the penalty, final warning for Fiji. Wales probing all angles, not finding a gap.

Another yellow sends Kunatani to the sin-bin as Garces points out Fiji have conceded four penalties back to back. Wales still hammering away at the line.

WALvFIJ Score 

Welsh composure and discipline starting to show, great defensive tackles and solid spacing. Line speed itself seems a little slow to me, but it's a solid defense with no penalties given. Fiji eventually forward pass and the Fijian phases are over.

That's the half. Fiji have a penalty but opt to kick it to touch and walk off, everyone's looking tired. This may all come down to fitness and bench depth. If nothing else, entertaining first 40 minutes. Josh Adams is going to be inspecting his boots for chalk on those two touchline calls. I still have concerns about the amount of hanky panky being dished out to both AWJ and Owens, but the officials either haven's seen it or they have a different view. ANyone's game.

We are underway in the second half. Two errors from Fiji in the first few minutes but both teams look refreshed and ready for battle. Fiji spends some time throwing more pressure on, but Parkes and Ball doing some impressive work.

Garces digging for a yellow, telling James Davies he's killing momentum. Wales down to 14 for 10.

WALvFIJ Score 


Wales caught scrambling all over to lock down a wide ranging Fiji attack, leading to a high ball covered by Williams and Biggar. Liam clocks Dan something awful as they collide mid-air and Dan's on the ground cold-cocked. A few very worrying minutes but Biggar stands up to thunderous applause from the crowd as he retakes the field.

Biggar walks off under his own steam, Patchell on just in time for a penalty kick.

WALvFIJ Score 

WALvFIJ Score 

Good grief so much action, bodies everywhere, getting breathless. Replacements starting to roll on to the field. Flying Fijian back line is swarming all over, unstoppable in breaks unless Wales contributes three red shirts to the cause. Wales still showing calm, composed defense, carefully watching for their opportunities.

WALvFIJ Score 

Three minutes to go, George North trying hard to get his score in but just losing out each time. Semi Radrada has been an incredible force on the field tonight, tremendous work.

WALvFIJ Final Score 

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