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This is the match of the weekend, demonstrating their new focus on defense, their new attack.Wales are defending champions, and looking for a ninth straight win.

Two changes for Ireland, one for Wales, mostly the same teams as last week.

Wales Ireland is always a loud crowd, going to be a fun day in

Roman Poite is today's referee, and we're kicked off at Aviva Stadium, Wales receive.

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Ireland get the ball, drive hard down the left wing, force Wales ro carry the ball over the line. 5 metre scrum which Ireland turns in, granting Wales some reprieve. Biggar fails to find touch though and Ireland are back on attack.

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Eight minutes gone and it's been three major assaults by Ireland, Wales only 30% possession so far, very eager Irish ball. Defense is good though. Passionate opeinng play.

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Couple of turnovers from Wales, good contact and controlling the breakdown, Wales earns a penalty and Biggar finds touch around the Irish 22.

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Bundee Aki strips the ball after a good Welsh lineout, Wales in at the wide and Ireland get to clear their lines from a penalty.

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Aki makes a darting break with numbers on his left. Wales penalised for not relaeasing and although it's eminently kickable Irealnd opts for touch. Ireland try to pile on the pressure with a driving maul but Wales turn it over and it is swings and roundabouts all over at Aviva.

Sexton is not happy with Roman's finding but it's red scrum on the Welsh 5.

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#IREvWAL 20m 


Ireland drive a ton of left side pick and goes snatching a yard here and there, but then snap it right and Jordan Larmour piles through a wall of four Welsh players and gets the first try of the day.

Sexton snuffles the extras.

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history. The tournament is over 100 years old, and these two teams have met many times, always to passionate crowds and fierce, open play.

The championship is the oldest competition between nations for collective sports but it looks like a young maiden 😊 #6nations #rugby

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