Halfpenny uncharacteristically fumbles a high ball, it flollops and Bouthier grabs it for a stunning first try of the match. Two more points are garnered.

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Concussion magnet George North takes an elbow to the chin. Probable HIA.

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Energetic stuff from both sides, lots of fizz and lots of kicking. France have a penalty, lining up for the kick.

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WALvFRA 18m 

WAL 3-10 FRA

Ntamack clean on the penalty

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France are extremely committed to the breakdown, maybe too committed, numerous infringements (some called, some not) - but the hunger is apparent.

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#WALvFRA 26m 

WAL 6-10 FRA

Easy three for Biggar, who stopped whingeing long enough to take a kick at goal.

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#WALvFRA 30m 

WAL 6-17 FRA

Halfpenny fumbles a grubber with interference from Les Bleus, France scoop it up and kick down which Parkes runs into touch. France's lineout is clean and Willemse scores.

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WAL 9-17 FRA

Some spirited, inventive play from the Welsh boys sees a series of interesting passes just shy of the line. Penalty is awarded and Biggar takes the three.

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Five minutes to go in this first half and emotions are rising... from both sides.

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Penalty to Wales under the posts. Wales opt to scrum. Clock is red. Aldritt is yellow carded. Heady stuff.

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Wales pick and go and pick and go and pick and go and omg they went left. And momentum is lost. And it's another penalty. And it will probably be another scrum under the posts. 44 minutes on the clock.

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Half-time and everyone including me is breathless. Good grief that was a tough six minutes. Wales squander their opportunities, and we head in for oranges and heart to hearts.

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We are back in full flow for the deuxieme, let's see if Wales can find some consistency in breaking down the Shaun Edwards French defence.

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#WALvFRA 49m 

WAL 16-17 FRA

Lewis grabs a flaky ball and smashes into the posts. Biggar cleans up. Wales are back in it.

#WALvFRA 51m 

WAL 24-17 FRA

Ntamack grabs a long pass out of thin air and takes the interception and steams down the right wig chased by the locomotive that is Hadleigh Parkes. Parkes can't reach him, France back in commanding lead.

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France has an energy that is usual, and a completion rate that is not. They are clinical in their attack, stalwart in defence, and even though we are three years away I can see this being a competent team for 2023 in Paris.

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#WALvFRA 63m 

WAL 16-27 FRA

Not really sure what the penalty was for, but France get one, and they kick it, and they get three points. C'est la vie.

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#WALvFRA 74m 

WAL 23-27 FRA

Biggar scrapes himself over the line, TMP reviews, it's good. Five minutes to go, everything to play for.

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Wow. Incredible effort at the end but Wales couldn't quite clean it up. Bien joue les Blues.

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