🏉 is a funny old sport, and I love it. And the Six Nations championship is it's own thing, always contentious, ever-present. But this year has been a weird one for sure.

So here are my reasons why we will be talking about this this time next year.

1. It's still happening.

Four matches are postponed due to , and no-one knows if or when they will be played.

2. Finn Russell

It's all he said he said as coach Townsend claims Russell quit after a late night drinking session, Russell says he's not happy with the way the team is managed.

“The current situation, set-up and environment, I don’t think I want to play in that. I don’t think it’s good for me as a person or as a player,” Russell told The Sunday Times.

Either way, Finn Russell was a no-show this year.

3. Storm Dennis

Did he take his finger off the ball too early? Only in rugby could this have been the most talked about event the day after. Dennis had the ball going this way and that, kicked balls flying backwards, and both teams refusing to not kick the ball despite gale force boomerangs.

4. Mako Backo?

He's in. He's out. He's shaking it all about. Mako Vunipola was stood down by the England squad despite protests from Public Health England, who probably had better things to be worrying about.

So, Mako played for the Saracens that weekend instead.

5. Unwanted or Unwelcome Attention.

Joe Marler decided to remind AWJ how much he loves him by grabbing/fondling/tickling his genitals during the match. Joe Marler gets a ten week ban.

6. Butterfingers.

Stuart Hogg, with his team seven points down, prompts sports writers everywhere to dust off the phrase "schoolboy error".

With little opposition Hogg fumbled a touchdown that would have seriously impacted the match.

Ah well.


7. That Punch.

A rebooted, reinvigorated France was sailing through the tournament when Scotland decided to trip them up, so Mohamed Haouas popped one on Scotland's Jamie Ritchie, adding to the weekend of shame.

8. RFU Disavows Eddie Jones.

Jones made some unsavoury comments about the refereeing of England v Wales, after two English players were sent off, prompting RFU to apologise to the ref publicly.

“At the end, we were 13 against 16, it’s hard.

“When you have got a three-man advantage, you are going to do some damage. That’s what happened.

“We had a numerical disadvantage, so it was tough.”

When he was asked who the 16th man was for the visitors, Jones replied: “You work that out.”

9. Seven Nation Army

During the rest week, no-one had anything to talk about so South Africa, decided to join the Six Nations in 2024.

Because that makes all kinds of sense.

10. The Scottish Trip

Not wanting to be out done by Public Health England, Public Health Wales decided that not only could all the players turn up, but all the fans should too.

Despite a raging global pandemic, Scottish fans were assured the Wales v Scotland match was on. So they came down by train and by car (and by bus).

Only to find, last minute, guess what?

No match. Croeso i Gaerdydd.

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