@jaz there's a wine tasting going on?!?

No, I'm not on it.

@Ebrill all we see is tiny squares but there's a pretty good lookalike...

@jaz I was wondering if it was my doppelganger or just someone named April with their camera off. Who was hosting the tasting?

@Ebrill it was organised by a rugby charity I work with, playrugby usa. A socially distanced fund raiser of sorts

@jaz gotcha. I didn't think the NY Welsh was having an event last night. That was the only group I could think of where our offline lives might intersect.

@Ebrill that reminds me, I said I'd do the next pub quiz, I think it's this week.

@jaz maybe I'll join in. I haven't done one since June. The music section killed me, being all songs that were not played here. You doing in person or online?

@jaz I miss bars. I've only been to one, like two weeks ago. I went with a girlfriend who is taking it seriously. I live alone so I can't bring anything home to anyone. It was just the two of us at the table, not wandering around. It was nice but so weird to see the city so empty.

@Ebrill we found a restaurant that has well-spaced outdoors seating so we've been out exactly three times since march

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