😷 2020 will be one of those years that 20 years from now we will all remember where we were. It has been a supremely stupid year. The word "bubble" will never be the same.

👨‍👩‍👦 But, somewhere in the muck and mire of the stupidity, there were times of joy, love, community.

🤔 So, take a look back and find at least one positive thing you can snatch from the past year, and tell the Fediverse about it using the hashtag

Mine will follow to get things started.

Blwyddyn newydd dda pawb!

In 2020 the pandemic made me notice how many of my family I was not doing a good job keeping in regular touch with, and now we have weekly and monthly calls with family I have neglected for far too long. Thanks to COVID I'm reconnected with family all over the world.

Now that's a

I'm boosting your post. Why? Concluded that most people are bloated with hope for 2021, as if that was not only a convention, or had had any real/scientific value. Delusion and disappointment will follow presumably...

@manuelcaeiro nothing will be magically fixed tomorrow, but I believe it's a good time to reflect on the year and find any positive we can so we can carry it forward with a positive attitude to overcoming the adversity that faces us all in the coming months.

One positive thing to come out of #2020 and #lockdown is that we've spent more time together as a family, and are eating more meals together, as a family, around the dinner table with no TV.


(inspired by @jaz)

Whilst 2020 was a bad year it did have many positives @jaz More time with kids, less driving around the region, learning new skills, daily art, geeking, walking, losing weight, telly and chill, working from home, appreciating the little things, looking after myself, making memories, 19 year wedding anniversary, eating better, saving money, helping others, more games nights with friends (but virtually), new radio show, family all healthy #covidpositive

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