I almost forgot I did this! "Blowing Into The Wind" was a hasty end-of-year project with the goal of having the publication date be Dec 31, 2020. Mission accomplished!

And in case you're tempted to buy the book, please don't. Here's some of it: docs.google.com/document/d/1MR

I will upload the rest at some point. I think it's on my PC which is in storage because I'm homeless.

Oh my word! I so enjoyed reading this Jaz. The only reason I 'get it' is because you sound just like my lovely, precious, son-in-law!
Alex, is just a quarter Welsh. He will understand you, completely. I am sure.
I shall pass it on with your permission, of course!?


@anniemo71 😃 for sure, share away, glad you enjoyed it 👍

@anniemo71 also, "just a quarter Welsh" is more than enough for most people, most people can't handle being completely Welsh, it's a lot to take on 😉

Great, thanks Jaz. Wish I was a quarter Welsh! I think God must have given me the wrong parents!! Lovely though they were 🥰 But, our Alex did give us part Welsh grandchildren, bless him. He will enjoy your book I am sure. Thanks again.😊

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