🌎 🌍 🌏 I'm working on a of servers "near me" basically mapping servers that are region-specific, as a way for folks to find Mastodon users in their region. Blue = signed on to the Mastodon Covenant, Green = I"m not sure they did.

This is my first time using so I'd be grateful of any and all feedback, and offers to collaborate - I assume I can share the map for editing somehow 🤷

Here's the link: u.osmfr.org/m/550053/

if you run a region or locale-based server, please let me know so we can add to the map at u.osmfr.org/m/550053/


@thomas Hi Thomas, the map is for open registration servers only, are you accepting new members?

@jaz oh, sorry. AS Long AS I dont know how to be compliant to gdpr and those things, I wont accept registrations.

@thomas I am not a lawyer, but article 4.18 of GDPR states you must be engaged in an "economic activity"; and the personal and household exemptions apply to undertakings with “no connection to a professional or commercial activity”. So, certainly a grey area, but if I were flying solo and not charging anyone, I would personally presume I am not subject to GDPR.

See also github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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