Trying to take a of the falling against the backdrop of these trees. I hit "pro" and mashed the iso settings around until I got somewhere half decent, anyone got any pointers for me? I'm using oneplus

@jaz tough, I reckon you're looking for very fast shutter speed but I've never done it. Bound to be forums about this stuff online

@davidoclubb @jaz If you want to freeze the snowflakes, something like 1/250 or 1/500 shutter speed should do it I think (go higher - i.e. 1/1000 - if it doesn't). Go slower if you want to see the snowfall as lines, which might make it show up better. The shutter you used is kind of stuck as the worst compromise (no offence, lovely photo!!) - the shutter is neither fast enough to freeze the snowflakes nice and sharp, nor slow enough to make them look like the motion blur was deliberate.

@davidoclubb @jaz You haven't got any apperture control on a phone, so once you've chosen a shutter speed, you're left with just adjusting the ISO so it looks like it's exposed about right on the screen. Hope that helps!

@jaz @davidoclubb the one you're twiddling in the screenshot is shutter speed.

@jaz @davidoclubb croeso. ISO comes from the sensitivity of film to light. An ISO control on a digital camera is basically a fudge-factor to balance the exposure (you can't actually change the sensitivity of the digital sensor).

@davidoclubb yeh, I know, I'm trying to wean myself off of wikipediaing everything and learn a few things from people. I see a lot of photographers here, so I'm casting a wide net 😉

@jaz Sideload gcam (I use the mlj version) it gives you much more control. Either way you shouldn't need a very fast shutter as the snow won't be falling very fast. I'd aim for a large aperture to get a shallow depth of field so the foreground snow stands out against the background. You're always going to be fighting over exposure though.

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