Ruh roh. Checking in to see if we have a sprain, a fracture, or a break. Was pulling vines off a tree and stumbled.

@jaz Ouch!
Hope it's not a fracture but, in any case, that will be sore for a wee while!

@jaz ouch! Hope it’s not a break or fracture…

@Lolacopa1 also, I have to do an ice bath every hour, and when I take my swollen sausage toes out, the dog tries to eat them. Good times.

@jaz @Lolacopa1 yikes. Well, if you're going to do something, do it well.

@AdamALiberatore many thanks! After an MRI today I'm left with three fractures and a torn ligament, but I escape surgery. So I have a new boot and a fun little scooter.

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