@jaz quality. Looks like it could catch on, writing can feel more theraputic and relaxing compared to typing at a screen.

I'm also interested in blending online with offline. I kinda had an idea for the reverse of this, to straem video of an IRL typewriter periodically typing out words onto paper to the highest bidder - not sure it would be so successful 😅

@davey you don't know till you try. I have a forthcoming project to read government regulations in a sleepy voice... Whether it works or not it'll be fun doing it 😴

@jaz lol, *works* is subjective... what's the aim ... to give people nightmares 😀

Shame paperwebsites.com on my phone only seems to load in the Tor browser (Jelly just shoes the help icon, ddg gives me a blank page), within which I can't actually see the demo because ReCaptcha blocks everything... Also a shame that its a proprietary technology only available through one host making it a walled garden...

@dheadshot It's one guy's mini project, maybe it'll grow into something bigger and better, maybe it'll inspire someone else to do something fun and awesome, maybe it'll die. There's a lot to like in the general approach:


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