drowning in spam signups with the same message "I love this site", anyone else seeing similar, or got any ideas on how to block? I've got IPs all over the place. @stux is this what you ran into? @hugo any ideas?

@jaz I was writing you an email just now about that. Will send it in a minute. @stux

@jaz @hugo Can you perhaps CC us? ❤️ :blobpray:

We cannot disable signups and use an inv link since it will say "closed for signups" on JoinMasyo

@jaz @hugo That's the one mate..! ❤️

We are dealing with this for a few weeks now I think, it has costs me already over 20 bucks in emails alone 😿

I have begged for an optinal hcaocha already, see this:

But it's with Glitch since i think there's more chance

@jaz @hugo There's also this:

But it doesnt get merged like always... i makes me lose faith in Masto a bit..

@stux @jaz @hugo Yes, hundreds of them. Best solution I found until we get some better tools is block any domains they use that don't appear to be public email (they use a lot of compromised sites) and block their IP addresses

@trebach @jaz @hugo Indeed, that's the only solution it seems. Fcked up thing is, most spam accounts use

@stux @trebach @jaz I see thousands of spam registrations going to Gmail and those are not possible to stop.

I would gladly include you @stux on the email but I really don't have a good solution. For now the only option I can think of is to close registrations.

@jaz @stux @hugo all seemed to use the same url as their alleged email, could we block that? IP changed each time

@davidoclubb Not sure I understand. They may use the same URL because that is the registration URL for Mastodon but the email is always different and even the domains of the email change. Mostly I saw Gmail addresses.

@jaz @stux

@hugo @jaz @stux yes I probably have my facts wrong, i was trying to remember from an earlier experience. There was definitely a common url associated with every one though, I visited it to see if there were any clues (there weren't)

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