<<RT @tootwales: the t.co/OUe9BNYe1y site _is_ the app? Simply add the site to your home screen and allow notifications! This allows you to have a full language version on your mobile 📲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿>>

(Tŵt's network platform) currently has over 2 million accounts spread across 2,700 community instances? Click to find new people to connect with, or check out Trunk to find people by topic communitywiki.org/trunk

you can show Tŵt to your friends with the link -toot.wales/public - no need to be logged in!

If you do not wish to see posts from a particular user you can them. You can mute a user from their profile page or their toots. A muted user will have no way to know that you have them muted. github.com/tootsuite/documenta

you can now manage your relationships here: toot.wales/relationships

You will see a list of everyone you're related to on the network that you can filter and manage individually or use bulk actions to unfollow them or stop them from following you.

now has a poll feature. Instead of attaching images or video to your post, you can ask your audience a question.

So, which is it?

we have about 200 Cymry here on Tŵt, but don't forget we are part of , 2,000,000 people are here! Check the Federated feed to discover more people around the UK, Europe and the world who are participating in networks just like ours 😃

Check out twtcymru.wordpress.com/2019/03 for help finding new friends.

@lovefibre I love your Instagram photos especially the textiles, you can automatically mirror your Instgram pictures here using twtcymru.wordpress.com/2019/03 if you're interested!

you can find topics and people to follow by checking communitywiki.org/trunk and following the curated lists?

Gallwch ddod o hyd i bynciau a phobl i'w dilyn trwy wirio communitywiki.org/trunk a dilyn y rhestrau curadur.

S'mae Tŵt - how's everyone doing today? there are over a million people on the network? Click "Federated" to find more people to follow and chat with.

you can send invites that contain a link for your friends to automatically follow you when they join: toot.wales/invites

Mastodon (which runs Tŵt) has been translated into Welsh? toot.wales/settings/preference You can also simply save the homepage to your home screen and the site functions as an app on your mobile.

Tŵt Cymru | Toot Wales

The independent social network for Wales, the Welsh, at home and abroad! | Y rhwydwaith cymdeithasol annibynnol i Gymru! Tŵt is the social media network that puts YOU in charge. No data mining, no silly ads. Your Wales, your voice, join today! Tŵt yw’r rhwydwaith gymdeithasol sy’n rhoi rheolaeth i TI. Dim cloddio data, dim hysbysebion twp. Dy Gymru, dy lais, ymuna heddiw!