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We mustered up the drive to head out for our Government Allotted Outdoor Exercise period.

This time we made our way towards the river and scanned it northwards, branching off towards the northern path that heads up Kendal Castle. More here 👍

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A few years ago, my #bonzai #elm #tree was looking as though it was on its last legs, so to speak. However, after some #TLC it seems to be healthy again. It’s over two decades old.

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Today's total deaths of 4932 is therefore significantly below what yesterday's projection had suggested. The projection assumes the average rate of increase over the past three days will continue, and in earlier stages this is a reasonable assumption. 3/4

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A ski movie by Phillip Klein

Stay Safe, Stay at Home!


Un film de ski par Philipp Klein

Restez en sécurité, restez chez vous

#film #court #humour #appartement #ski #stayhome

The new registered users of @Mastodon are mind-boggling. Up from 2,000ish a few weeks back, to 15,000 a week now. What's happening?

<<RT @cymruarbyd: Chloe Wilson from the Rhondda is following her dream of becoming an actress in in our latest blog she shares her story

<<RT @JONWOOLDRIDGE82: Gwyn Jones had 13 caps for Wales during which he was the Welsh Captain. He played for @LlanelliRFC and @Cardiff_RFC. An outstanding flanker ,one of the best flankers to play for Wales. His great uncle was Scarlet great Ivor Jones who played for Wales

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