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The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

Gair y Dydd: cylchynol -- ar y diwrnod, yn 1761, y bu farw Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, a sefydlodd filoedd o Ysgolion Cylchynol yng Nghymru i ddysgu pobl i ddarllen.

Word of the Day: cylchynol 'circulating': -- on this day in 1761, Griffith Jones, Llanddowror died, who set up thousands of circulating schools in Wales to teach people to read.

Today's numbers show a slight correction for a weekend lag, but still the trends are crossing, if this holds for another 48 hours or so I'd begin starting to think about planning to say we're over the hump

Doctor Jamie Roberts Finally Gets On The Wards . . . As Mister Motivator
Former Wales and Lions star Jamie Roberts has started working for the National Health Service to help the fight against coronavirus.

Roberts – who qualified as a doctor seven years ago – has stepped in as a clinical innovation fellow, a role which will see him working in Cardiff in a motiv

@wardy I'm from Llanilltud Fawr/Llantwit Major on the coast btw, been in NY since 96

@wardy well, glad to have you here mate, and when this is all over would be glad to meet up in the city 😀

@jaz I was reading about you and what you do on Nation.Cymru. So I decided to enroll to Toots.Wales It's a great Site. My name is John Ward a Mechanical Engineer from Pontypridd. I Design Elevators all over the U.S. and all over the Globe.

@wardy Staten Island huh, do I know you from the New York Welsh group by any chance (I'm terrible with names so forgive me if I don't recognise the name)

@AngharadHafod Well, as someone who is in the thick of it on the public health side in New York, it's great to see your charts and commentary, please keep it coming 😃

Just a quick word on today's figures. The total of 6159 (increase 786) was only slightly above the 6142 projected on the average of the past 3 days. However, viewed in the context of the considerable suspicion over yesterday's 441 deaths, this is actually not a bad result. It's probably a correction, after the weekend.
The rate of increase averaged over the past three days continues to fall: 27.6% 26.4% 22.4% 19.1% 14.3% 12.6%

@AngharadHafod yep, watching the data I spent most of the weekend worried it was a calendar blip, weekend effect, and monday numbers start to bear that out, we're still good for capacity in general but certain hospitals overwhelmed, we have ~3,000 new beds we can use - but NYC lockdown was in stages so I'm hoping this steps down relative to each portion of the lockdown 10-14 days out. peak capacity will be in a few days most likely (are you in public health?)

@wardy cheers 😀 right now the big lift is 2500 patient records to feed the clinical trials, and then trying to secure electronic access for those patients to their own data once they're discharged so we can track their outcomes over the next few weeks. Every hospital or hospital group has their own system and most of them don't talk to each other too well...

Today's figures:
Deaths today: 441
Total to date: 5373
For my discussion, see yesterday's comments, with increased emphasis.
However, I would note that today's figures are unexpectedly low, and I would not be surprised to see something of a correction tomorrow.

Enwau Lleoedd (Welsh place-names)

Rhaglen Dei Tomos neithiwr 5/4/2020 yn trafod peth o waith Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru. Angen cofrestru efo BBC os nad ydych wedi gwneud eisoes.

Dei Tomos's programme last night 5/4/2020 discussing some of the work of the Welsh place names society. Need to register with BBC if you haven't already done so

That last post with the quote was from this book. “Welsh Stick Chairs” by John Brown #wales #furniture #chairs It was republished by Discovered them here on Insta.
I could write a lot about the experience of reading this small book. But right now I’ll say I’m starved for knowledge and connection to my ancient homeland. In the 1670s-80s my relatives came to North America from Wales & England. Hard to know which part of th…

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