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40m A scrappy jostling probing first half from both sides. Not the most elegant but plenty of spirit and hunger. If the same Wales team stays on it's anyone's game, but there's another Welsh team on the bench waiting to show the kids what's what... :wru: :rygbi: :draig: :flag_dewisant: :daffodil:

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23m A jaunty cross field kick almost ends in disaster for but Italy flub it again. :rygbi:

I love Ireland, my ancestral home, an awesome people and a fantastic, tough rugby team!

That said, apart from a few fantastic defensive displays I don't think Ireland looked particularly strong.. of course they took advantage of our errors as you would expect of any team of their level..

Scotland have perhaps our best players in well over a decade and apart from the second half of the first half we made so many basic mistakes that we only needed an opponent to be on the park to lose the game.. it could have been anyone, we beat ourselves..

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match thread 10 changes for Wales, new captain, a win today would equal 11 straight test wins. :cymru:

Please remember when commenting on or any other sport (if they exist) to hide any actual scores using the CW button.

I will start a match thread - let's get a thread going so we don't clutter up people's timelines.

<<RT @DyddMiwsigCymru: Mae cân Gymraeg yn gwella unrhyw ffilm! 😂
Yw Sosban Fach erioed wedi swnio môr secsi? 🔥🔥🔥>>

These are three pictures Amazon wants me to know my wife took on this day, 2014....

hapus pawb! Happy Contemporary Welsh language Music day everybody. Y Chwedl Bryn Fon!

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