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when you're goth af but it's spring and you're really feeling it

A company called Vettery sent me a helicopter with the promise if the remote control if I call them. Which us not going to happen. So the question is... What fun can we have with a non functional helicopter? Your ideas below...

Since people seem to enjoy those 3d prints so much, here's another thing I recently printed:

an adjustable camera/phone tripod

#3dprint #photo

The next ssiw challenge complete

Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu siarad Cymraeg am tua mis rwan!

: Elin Fflur a Rhys Meirion - Y Weddi
Dw i'n meddwl bod y gan yma yn fendigedig! Pwy sy'n gwybod lle dw i'n ffeindio'r geiriau?

@lovefibre I love your Instagram photos especially the textiles, you can automatically mirror your Instgram pictures here using if you're interested!

AREAS around the coast of west Wales could be possible destinations for a site to bury the country鈥檚 most dangerous radioactive waste, UK Government research outlines.

Meetings are to be held in Swansea and Llandudno in March as part of the Government-run Radioactive Waste Management鈥檚 hunt for 鈥渁 willing host community鈥 where waste can be buried.

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