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Gair y Dydd: afanc – anifail a fydd, o bosib, i'w weld yng Nghymru unwaith eto.

Word of the Day: afanc 'a beaver': – an animal which may one day be reintroduced in Wales.

If you've been having your own cabinet today and now have a collection of redundant bric-a-brac that you don't know what to do with, we can help with that:

I agree with a David Brooks article and it's throwing me for a fucking loop, I tell you what.

"The shift from bigger and interconnected extended families to smaller and detached nuclear families ultimately led to a familial system that liberates the rich and ravages the working-class and the poor."

I think we could all learn a lot from the kids that play on our Minecraft server. 😂

<<RT @NantGwrtheyrn1: Rydym wrth ein bodd yn clywed am ddiddordebau amrywiol ein myfyrwyr, yn enwedig pan maent yn gallu parhau i ddilyn eu diddordeb yn ystod ei wythnos o ddysgu yn y Nant. Darllenwch hanes Louise ar ein gwefan:
@learncymraeg @BBCRadioCymru @HenoS4C>>

<<RT @Enlli_Bardsey: Cliciwch i weld y fideo llawn! Gwerth ei weld!
Click to view in full screen! It’s worth seeing!>>

<<RT @hdpalooza: Congratulations Deven McGraw (@HealthPrivacy) of @ciitizen for winning the Impact Award for her leadership on patient rights regarding personal health data. Read more:>>

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