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New door handles fitted with just a bit more remedial work to do before paint removal and redo. Next job is to then rehang the one door as it's wonky!


This is what looks like on mountainside in upland to right of fence. I stopped there - it was alive with warblers singing.Left of fence still sheep grazed. Will new Wales Sustainable Farming Scheme encourage farmers to create habitat for nature like this?

Made lemon pesto linguine tonight, I got thr pesto recipe from pasta grannies on YouTube. Its the best pesto I've ever tasted

Bore da pawb.
Dw i wedi blino ond dw i'n yfed coffi da. :baner:

the longer I leave my laptop turned off the less I want to turn it back on

Like thousands of others, I'm returning to my old Mastodon account and trying to make a bit more effort on here now that birdsite has been bought by a sociopath.

Now looking for new people to follow. If you're in #Cardiff and also in the fediverse, let me know!

Seems like #Amazon are moving into the soft furnishings market. (spotted on #Wellfield Rd, #Cardiff)

Today we hear from a group of local residents in #grangetown about what #Cardiff National Park City is to them.

*Many existing parks and green spaces
*Water spaces and pathways that we could use more
*Community activity that we need to tell each other about
*Urban areas that need more greening
*Growers where we can all connect to the land, our history, our diverse cultures from around the world and our nomadic roots
*Food and connections to each other
*Green and blue walks


AI art, metallic opalescent sphere thing in ocean 

I don't know what this is but it came out really nice XD

"an iridescent opalescent blob on the bottom of the ocean floor, photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"


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