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I finished another set of lanscape tiles for the prototype of my Snailriders boardgame: this time rather plain looking plains (needs a whole lot more conceptual work), an idyllic lake, an ominous marsh and a mysterious ruin. These ones have been challenging, but I've gained quite some experience and learned some neat tricks that will be rather helpful further on.

#Snailriders #MastoArt #FantasyArt #fantasy #boardgame #boardgames #GameDev #landscape #DigitalArt #plains #lakes #swamps #ruins


They're not very active right now because they were all over the feeders making a racket pre-8am when we were still in bed XD

Once at a convention, I got a chance to speak to Nichelle Nichols. I told her that I had grown up watching Star Trek, and that’s part of the reason I’m an engineer. She held my hand and told me she was proud of me.

I will treasure that memory forever.

Probably got a 1 to 20 response rate on emails right now and I don't send emails unless it's something important 🤷‍♀️ getting anything done feels like walking through treacle

Every time I eat anything with meat in, the dog appears from three floors down... His nose is going to get him in big trouble on day.

ok this was good but stressful. The world's really changed since I last went swimming at a local baths. Halo leisure centre in 2022 with it's 4 pools is a far cry from my old north Brum Victorian pool which had changing, pool, showers and someone selling sweets all in the one massive room while a lifeguard shouted "FIONNUALA" at me because I was attacking a 6 year old with a pool noodle I was allowed to borrow free of charge or whatever

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Hanging out on the Hudson River listening to some local bands and eating empanadas and drinking some local beer. Solid Friday.

Happy to all who celebrate, or who have a sysadmin in their life & should shower them with gifts on this occasion

Me: Do you want anything from the shop
J: Justice
Me: *searches for Justice*

Justice is apparently vitamin supplements and laxatives

I just signed the open letter calling for Centrica CEO to not raise energy prices for British Gas customers again this year. Will you add your name?

Ordered a new vacuum cleaner

I am very excited about this

I am an adult

Cipolwg ar y steddfod, Pentre Gwyddoniaeth a Thechnoleg; yn adeiladu'r "sffêr".

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