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haha fuck yes fixed that bug
oh okay now there's a new bug

I'm not surprised this is the most complicated part of this port between languages so instead, yay progress!!!

Me: I have a sneaky suspicion that there's a guinneafowl in the garden
J: Whatever gave you that idea

I just download and ran this in an effort to stop Microsoft from interfering with my computer. It is driving me nuts.
My technical skills mean that I could not work this out for myself. So 🤞

Here is something that makes me miserable.

My daughter is doing an internship with a cardiff-based charity. It was meant to end mid August, it was a few months 16 hours a week.

They've said that they want her to continue and extend the contract until next march. No confirmation about hours or rate of pay.

She's owed some days of holiday that she's not been able to take. She's not going to be able to take them before the end of the contract because.. the relevant ppl are on holiday.


"Sometimes I dance with them, but it's not the same."

5 minutes each for the little ones, 33 min for the big one.

Digital, in Artrage

Gair y Dydd: straeon Heddiw yn yr Eisteddfod cyflwynir Gwobr Goffa Daniel Owen am nofel yn y Gymraeg sydd heb ei chyhoeddi o'r blaen.

Word of the Day: straeon 'stories, tales': Today at the Eisteddfod the Daniel Owen Memorial Award will be presented for a novel in that has not been published before.

It can sometimes be difficult to resist shiny new tech.

Example, WordPress + Advanced Custom Fields, enable building custom web pages very quickly. The same way I was doing it when I got my first dev. job around 10 years ago.

I tried out alternatives: but missing features, buggy beta releases and learning fatigue are a thing.

This weekend, I visited Meteor Crater up in Flagstaff, AZ! Nearly 4,000 feet deep, this crater is thought to be about 50,000 years old, and was formed in fewer than 30 seconds!

Jackie Brown is the literal best Tarantino film… and it lost to Men In Black.

This is why democracy is dying in the dark. #MovieBowl

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It seems to me that there is evidence that life is improved, not diminished, by including more ppl.

When academic conferences went online, there were a bunch of annoyed old white men who didn't like reality when they suddenly didn't have a load of privilege and a paid work junket. Suddenly 90% of non-privileged non-white non-oldwhitemen were able to go to an academic conference and they flew on angel wings.

Cowbois Rhos, neithiwr. Nhw o'dd y band olaf weles i cyn dyddie tywyll y pandemig.

It's the 1st August. My awesome partner Jess and I are fundraising for our startup Used and Loved!

This month might be wild, so I'm gonna share progress.

Some baseline info:
- We're crowdfunding with seedrs. At £60.9k of the £120k target.
- We get 3k site visits per month.

My current dev. task is creating category pages with WordPress for content and NextJS ( react ) for frontend.


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