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An open source game. The is free but the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game.

as well as an hour long post-mortem of Ultima Online.

Though not of these stories hold up to seeing live examples of game breaking and game trolling by people you know, so please keep these stories coming!

so in the end they just spammed the identification skill on the item until they'd raised it enough that they managed to ID it.

It was a... Staff of Identification.


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I have been playing an ultima online hosted by @welshpixie . I found the dye tub

Gair y Dydd: tairieithog Dyma arwydd dairieithog o ynys Jersey yn dilyn eitem ddiddorol iawn am ieithoedd Ynysoedd y Sianel gyda Mari Catrin Jones ar raglen Aled Hughes y bore 'ma. (tua awr 16 munud i mewn)

Word of the Day: tairieithog 'trilingual': A trilingual sign from Jersey following a very interesting item about the languages of the Channel Islands with Mari Catrin Jones this morning (in Welsh, see above)

Hi! I'm Camila, an artist and illustrator with a love for fantasy and horror.
I've worked with novel covers, concept art and games in general. I lean towards character art but try to keep a broader focus to cultivate the toolset needed for my own weird projects.

Looking forward to meeting other creatives!
#introduction #art #painting #illustration

Let's start my career here with an #introduction :
♥ I have a #BSc in #physics
♥ An #MSc in #geophysics (specialized in #space #research and remote sensing)
♥ currently doing #PhD in space research with focus on our near #plasma environment.
♥ With experience in #satellite #communication (link budget calculations)
♥ and deep neural networks.


#introduction I joined this instance to talk about Scotland, meet new people and exchange info. Big fan of Scotland's fauna, flora,. people and culture.

Help! I'm having all sorts of difficulty trying to install .
@mglewis I think you said you had some experience with it.
I've set up a Ubuntu 22.04 server, installed apache2, php and mysql with what I think are all the pre-requisites.
I've copied in all the files but when I go to https://<server>/suitecrm all I get is a directory listing and not the installation page.
If I try a cli install that fails too.
If anyone can suggest anything I might look at I'd be grateful.

Hello! I am an animator and illustrator and I like making comics and other stuffs!

All the stuff I do is #freeculture, usually under Creative commons Attribution [CC-BY] license (unless otherwise stated), so feel free to share, remix, download and do whatever you please with my work!

At the moment I am creating a bunch of non-sequitur random comics called "Random Vignettes" (fittingly). Hope you enjoy it!

Happy to be here! :awesome: :dance_cool_doge:

#introduction #newuser

As it's "Book Lovers Day", you might want to check out some book-related server types on the Fediverse:

@inventaire is a book cataloguing platform which lets people and organisations keep track of their own collection or run a private lending library. You can follow many different parts of Inventaire from Mastodon etc, including users, authors, series, publishers and more. The official site is at

@bookwyrm is a federated open alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, and you can import your GoodReads data into BookWyrm. It's part of the Fediverse and you can follow BookWyrm users from Mastodon etc. You can find out more including servers to sign up on at

#BookLoversDay #Books #Book #Fediverse #BookWyrm #Inventaire #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives

Should be tucked up in bed, but bathroom is occupied and I have to wait!! 3 adults, 1 bathroom.

Pa systemau/gwasanaethau ydych chi'n defnyddio ac argymell ar gyfer copïau-wrth-gefn awtomatig o gyfrifiadur lleol? Bacyps hynny yw! Dw i ar Linux

Dwi'n caru hwn! ❤️
I love this!

The Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky over Wales yesterday morning ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

📷: Derren Jones
📍: Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey

worried. my cat let himself out in the night and now I've not seen him all day

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