as the nights draw in, please save your local epileptic a trip to A&E or worse by not attaching strobe lights to your bicycle / dog / living room windows / children / clothes and encourage your friends and family to do the same ❤

a note on the bicycle thing: you are actually making yourself considerably more unsafe by attaching a strobe light and depending on how you've set up the rest of your lighting system and where you are in the world it might not even be legal

@nuala Those very bright strobes are really horrid. A blinking light in addition to a normal headlight is what I do, but blinking like a car's light would blink. Those strobes kill me when I'm driving or cycling, and I often have to pull over not because of epilepsy, but because it kills my night vision.

@tfb @nuala

flashing lights of this nature are jarring to drivers and other cyclists; I had to report an LED halo on a zebra crossing Belisha Beacon as it had failed in a way causing it to flash at high speed and I could see it from 200m away (the Council had to close off the crossing for 2 weeks as the whole set of beacons needed to be removed and replaced with the traditional type)

@nuala I've seen some recently that have an "always on with an occasional brighter blink" setting and wondered if that helps?

I've been using the slow blink on my tail light because I know that I see other bicycles better when they took blink. I wish it were a fade instead tho.

@bouncinglime @tfb yes I've seen these sorts of configurations too. Best compromise if you want flashing lights seems to be to have a normal static light and a slow flashing light - going back 20 years or so ago this was what you had to do in the UK if you wanted flashing lights on your bike.

@nuala good to know - thank you! I will look up options. 💜

@nuala Thank you for these insights!

Now why do strobe modes even exist - I believe they save a lot of battery life.

@ffeth wow that's interesting! They do also look cool lets be honest (I didn't always have epilepsy and I can remember the effect they have)

@nuala Yes! I don't use blinkies myself, but it's been so long since the last time this argument came up that I forgot why. So I read to remind myself. It's a brilliant article

As an epileptic and former driver, please use multiple solid lights instead. It's easier to judge distance and direction with multiple lights. It's even better if you have white lights on the front and red lights on the back to determine if you're coming towards me or slowing down

@nuala I can change my house Christmas lights to the slow fade (~10 seconds) mode, is that a safe choice?

@futzle yes that's well into the safe zone and is a lovely thing to do

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