winds me up to no end that when I bought this phone it had a music app on that had no ads and needed no connection to the internet and I can't even have that any more. it's a basic function of a smartphone in my opinion. what was the first iphone but a mobile phone that was optimised for playing music??

cheers everyone who replied to this (and the other toot). Have found a charger for my iPod shuffle, am following the various links and tips I've been sent and my New Years resolution is not to listen to music on YouTube anymore

@nuala there are lots of offline music apps for android, surely there must be some for his as well?

Among the first music-optimized phones I think were the Sony-Ericsson Walkman series. Actually there were non-w series phones which were even better at the same time, but they didn't get the marketing glitz.

@fedops @nuala It took several generations of iPhones and Androids before they had parity with my old Sony Ericsson

@fedops @nuala

I don't have an IOS device so haven't tried this, but certainly the Android version of VLC has no ads or other bad stuff (and the dev has turned down thousands of Euros to commercialise VLC)

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